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March 10, 2017 – Leading the Unleadable

Alan Willett

Alan Willett

Alan Willett is president of Oxseeker, a leadership development and organizational culture change consultancy whose clients include Oracle, Microsoft, NASA, Intuit, and others.

Alan is the author of Leading the Unleadable: How to Manage Mavericks, Cynics, Divas, and Other Difficult People. Alan describes himself as, “An expert consultant, an author, a speaker, a teacher, a husband, a father, a voracious writer, and reader, and enjoying the lifelong journey of adventure. “

Prior to Alan’s current activities, he has run across the country, was a member of the founding of “ecovillage at Ithaca,” worked as software engineer, lead various product development efforts and worked at the world-wide think-tank, the Software Engineering Institute. Alan’s Master of Science degree was designed around innovation in the fast-paced world of technology development.

Alan Willett is the master of the “friction points” where business needs meet reality. Alan transforms the heat of the friction points into innovative results. You can learn more by visiting his website at LeadTheUnleadable.com.


Leading the Unleadable
Leading the Unleadable: How to Manage Mavericks, Cynics, Divas, and Other Difficult People

by Alan Willett


April 14, 2017 – Creating High-Performance Companies

Paul J. Zak

Paul J. Zak

Paul Zak is a scientist, prolific author, and public speaker. He is the President of ZESTxLabs and the co-founder of Ofactor. ZESTxLabs quantifies ad impact and consumer experiences using four measures of brain activity. Ofactor helps companies create and sustain a high-trust culture; the Ofactor solution is based on field and lab-based neuroscience research.

Paul’s two decades of research have taken him from the Pentagon to Fortune 50 boardrooms to the rain forest of Papua New Guinea. All this in a quest to understand the neuroscience of human connection, human happiness, and effective teamwork. His academic lab and the companies he has started develop and deploy neuroscience technologies to solve real problems faced by real people.

His latest book, Trust Factor: The Science of Creating High Performance Companies, uses neuroscience to measure and manage organizational cultures to inspire teamwork and accelerate business outcomes. His 2012 bestselling book, The Moral Molecule: The Source of Love and Prosperity, recounted his unlikely discovery of the neurochemical oxytocin as the key driver of trust, love, and morality that distinguish our humanity. In another obsession, Paul’s group uses neuroscience to quantify the impact of movies, advertising, stories, and consumer experiences. Along the way, he has help start several transdisciplinary fields, including neuroeconomics, neuromanagement, and neuromarketing.

Paul is the founding Director of the Center for Neuroeconomics Studies and Professor of Economics, Psychology and Management at Claremont Graduate University. He has degrees in mathematics and economics from San Diego State University, a Ph.D. in economics from University of Pennsylvania, and post-doctoral training in neuroimaging from Harvard. Learn more about Paul at PaulJZak.com.


Trust Factor
Trust Factor: The Science of Creating High-Performance Companies

by Paul J. Zak






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